She is strong and beautiful

Shot during Super Bowl which was perfect, because there were a couple people in the gym. The gym lighting was not the best, so I had to do a lot color correction in post-processing.

Father Son Fishing Trip

Photo shoot with a good friend of mine and his son. The lake was crowded, it was really hard to find a spot without having too many people in the background. After walking around in the area for a little bit, we finally managed to find a somewhat secluded corner with only a small area to shoot on.

Here are some samples from the shoot:

Cycling shoot

For this shoot, I got up early hoping to catch that morning sunrise. The velodrome, to my surprise, was closed for the repair. I had to ask permission to shoot there from the repairman, and it was luckily granted.


Father daughter shoot at Alki

Tito and I met at a friend’s party a few years back. I asked him if he and his daughter would be interested to model. We set up a time to shoot at Alki beach. However, when we got there, Alki beach was very crowded on this day, thanks to the very warm and sunny Sunday. We decided to drive around and we found a place to shoot off the beach area.


Shoot at Volunteers Park

A week ago, Rachel contacted me about setting up a shoot. She is visiting from Oakland and wanted to shoot while she is here. We decided that we wanted to shoot at the beautiful conservatory at the Volunteers Park.


Mother daughter shoot

Anticipating that there will be a demand for mother and daughter photos for the upcoming Mother’s day, I scheduled a shoot with Susan and her daughter Jalen on a unseasonably warm spring Seattle day. We did not plan for anything special, just taking pictures and having some ice cream, while walking around near Fremont area.

These are some of the photos from the shoot:


College themed shoot

During my stay in Portland, I managed to do another shoot with the daughter of my relative and her friends. They are high school seniors that are going to colleges next year. Since they are not models, I thought it would be a good idea to have a theme that they would be comfortable at.

In my experience, it is not easy to deal with non-models because they would be very aware of the camera, which would make the poses or the facial expressions look awkward. However, by engaging and talking with them, you will be able to get their natural expressions, which are usually the best. A little humor here and there doesn’t hurt either 🙂


Outdoor fitness shoot with Jacquelyn

East Highland Fitness Shoot

Colton contacted me about doing a fitness shoot. He owns a gym, East Highland Fitness, and he wants to update his fitness photos portfolio. I asked him if he knows any female that wants to model with him. It turned out that his girlfriend, Carlie, was available.

Colton and Carlie are both personal trainers and they were a couple weeks out from competing in a bodybuilding competition. Perfect timing!

Here are some of the pictures from the shoot:

East Highland